The Enchanted Dress

Once upon a time there was a girl. The girl lived in a small country house with her mother, father and three sisters. They were not a rich family and enjoyed a very simple existence but they had never gone hungry and were not in want for anything.

One afternoon while she was busy doing the laundry, the girl opened her wardrobe to find a dress she’d never seen before. It was a long, flowing silk dress in a bluish, grey colour that shimmered every time it touched the light. The girl took it out and held it up for a closer look. The dress looked very expensive and the material was the softest she’d ever felt. She checked the back for a label and found nothing. It looked too small to be her Mother’s. It could belong to one of her sisters, though she could scarcely imagine how they’d get their hands on something like this

She put the dress back in the wardrobe and set about the rest of her chores, her family were all away for the afternoon and she’d be in trouble if they were not completed by the time they returned. The girl did her best to stay focused on the task at hand, she even played some of her Father’s records to help her concentrate but her mind kept wandering back to the mysterious garment upstairs. It was only after the girl caught herself staring into space when she should’ve been sweeping that she made her decision. She had to try it on.

The girl raced to her room, removed the dress from its hanger, changed out of her day clothes and carefully put the dress on. She had just hauled the straps over her shoulders and already she could tell it was too big for her. The fabric felt wonderful on her skin, but the excess space made her feel frumpy.

As she zipped herself into the garment, all of a sudden her skin started tingling. The girl watched as she felt the material move and tighten around her body. Within seconds the dress fit like a glove. Every seam went in perfectly and the material felt like the best hug she’d ever received. The girl also felt her hair and noticed that it had been styled into loose curls.

She needed to check it out properly and marched into her mother’s room which housed a full length mirror. Upon looking at the mirror, the girl noticed that her face was made up. She looked a million dollars. The girl had no idea what was happening to her, but whatever it was- she liked it. She twirled in the dress and imagined all the places she could wear it

The girl was overwhelmed by her appearance. For the first time in a long, long time what she felt on the inside, she saw in her reflection.

Then, she heard a noise and whirled round to the door to find her Mother stood in total shock:

‘Grant? What are you doing in here? And why are you wearing a dress?!’

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