Dear Katie

Dear Katie,

It never gets easier to start writing a letter to you. If you were just away on holiday, I’d ask how you were, what the weather’s like and if you’d met anyone nice on your travels- but you’re not on holiday and I’m obviously not expecting a reply from you any time soon. I didn’t intend to leave it this long to get the next one started, but it’s been so hectic with everything going on that I haven’t had more than two minutes spare to put pen to paper. School starts again next week, and we’ve been trying to get Ryan and Michael ready in time. Dad’s been really stressed too- he’s going to come and see you straight after work today so I can collect the boys and get dinner started for them. He’s been so strong through all of this and a real hero.

Grandma’s also really been helping me with the boys since your accident. She took them swimming last Wednesday and is taking them to Clarks tomorrow to get new shoes for school. I think they like going to her house- they get to spend all day with the dog and she lets them eat whatever they want- but they’re missing you like crazy. Michael bought a new DVD that he’s waiting to watch with you and Ryan scored two goals and earned man of the match at the weekend. You should’ve seen his face when the manager gave him his trophy, he was beaming like the moon. The news of the day though, is that Annie’s getting married! Auntie Carol told me that her boyfriend (I forget his name) proposed to her out of the blue at Sunday dinner and she said yes. They haven’t set a date yet but they apparently want a summer wedding and Annie wants you to be her bridesmaid when you’re better. I know you love getting dressed up and now you get to be part of a bridal party to boot!

I saw Sam’s Dad yesterday; he told me that they’re letting him go home tomorrow and they expect him to make a full recovery in a few months. I still don’t know whether the police are going to press charges or not, and to be honest I’m past caring. All I’m concerned about is being here for you and doing everything we can to get you better. I’m so grateful to Carol for suggesting I write these letters to you while you’re sleeping, sometimes I even read them aloud when I’m by your bedside. They give me a chance to get my head straight and keep you up to date on what’s going on while you’re away. The doctors keep telling me that it’s unlikely you’re going to wake up the longer you’re comatose, but they don’t know you. I know you, and I know you’re still here with us. Every time I hold your hand I know you can feel it- you just need a bit more time to get better. You’ll be back with us in no time, and one day we’ll sit down and read these letters together over a glass of bubbly. I’m going to make sure you get the chance to be with us again and no one- no doctor, nurse- anyone is going to make me give up on you- of that you can be sure.

Sleep well my beautiful daughter and I’ll see you soon.

All my love,

Mum x


Photo: ‘Seattle’s Kind of Snow’ by Laura Breshock

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